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Varni Copper Downspout Brackets

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Varni Copper Downspout Brackets for 3″ Round Copper Downspouts

Note we always supply extra hardware just incase…. The 90 Combos Hardware is for the Gutter Brackets that were shipped previously. This will end up in Antigua Bay and the Gutter Brackets were installed a while ago as they were Roof Mount. We held the shipping of the Combo Screws till when the Gutters were to actually be installed (so they would not become lost on the site).

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Over the years we thought we did just about any AutoClear imaginable….well that’s going out the window!

Just finished up this project for 9 AutoClear Brasstonian Series.
You will notice the one that is 10-3/8″ wide by 10″ deep by 12-1/2″ tall. For a custom 8″ by 8″ Downspout going into a 6-3/4″ Drain.

We also supplied a custom extension for the Bottom just incase there is a water outflow issue…never made one this big before and just trying to cover the bases.

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