Copper Downspout Cleanout / Clean Outs and Leaf & Debris Diverters Comparison Chart

//Copper Downspout Cleanout / Clean Outs and Leaf & Debris Diverters Comparison Chart
Copper Downspout Cleanout / Clean Outs and Leaf & Debris Diverters Comparison Chart2019-03-20T16:46:38+00:00

Comparison Chart For

Copper Downspout Cleanout / Clean Outs and Leaf & Debris Diverters

This chart information is for Products to fit 4″ Round Downspouts
These are the most popular and common size configuration available for direct comparison.
We Offer This Information as an aid to help you make the Best Decision regarding your Project Needs.

It’s no secret that AutoClears are at the Top of the List
for Quality Downspout Leaf and Debris Diverters / Cleanouts Available World Wide.
Quality Construction and Unique Engineering Features do not come without Costs.
Less obvious but Equally Prominent is the Fact that they are also the Cheapest in the World to Maintain.
Virtually Little or no Maintenance is Required.
So that is where they will save you time and or money down the road – year after year.
Plus all along the way with no worries about your Downspout Drain System
or Possible Damage to your Downspouts!
Over the 30 Years Plus that they have been in Production
Discerning Home Owners, Contractors, Commercial Property Management Companies and Institutions
have chosen AutoClears
over any other type of Copper Downspout Cleanout / Diverter for their project / protection needs.

– Additionally –
AutoClears have options available to filter Debris a small as the Diameter of a Pin!
Important if your needs require very fine filtration such as Douglas Fir Needles.
No Other Types of Cleanouts / Diverters have that ability for fine debris filtering.

CriteriaAutoClear Brasstonian Series-4AutoClear I Series PCSS-4AutoClear I Series Copper-4OTHERS Inline with Basket*
Product Picture (click to enlarge)
Material AvailabilityCopperPowder Coated Stainless SteelCopperCopper
Round DownspoutsYes 4" – 3" – Custom All American and All EuropeanYes 4" - 3" coming soonYes 4" – 3" coming soonYes (100 mm) Only - Slightly Smaller than American 4" - Crimp Fit European 100 mm = 3-15/16"
Rectangular DownspoutsYes 4" – 3" – CustomCurrently Not AvailableCurrently Not AvailableNo
Easily Slip Fit to European DownspoutsYesYesYesYes (100 mm) Only European 100 mm = 3-15/16"
Easily Slip Fit to American DownspoutsYesYesYesNo American 4" Downspouts Require Crimping to Fit the Inlet Side of the Unit
Custom Size / Configuration InletsYesNoNoNo
Custom Size / Configuration OutletsYesNoNoNo
Standard Configuration InletsFlush to BackFlush to BackFlush to Backdoes not apply
Standard Configuration Outlets3/4" from Back (can be adjusted to suit)3/4" from Back3/4" from Backdoes not apply
Minimum Downspout Stand OffApproximately 1/8"Approximately 1/8"Approximately 1/8"Flush
Approximate Overall Height12"12"12"16"
Largest Width Dimension5-3/8"5-3/8"5-3/8"4"
Material Thickness Body of Unit48 oz.16 Ga. Stainless Steel48 oz.16 oz. to 18 oz.
Removable Filtration DeviceYesYesYesYes
Easy Access to Drain if NeededYesYesYesYes
Approximate Weight4.4 Lbs.5.0 Lbs.4.4 Lbs.3.0 lbs.
Maintenance Free**Yes**Yes**Yes**No
Clean Out Frequencyvirtually nonevirtually nonevirtually nonedetermined by environment
Approximate Debris Capacity cubic inches before Full (one cup is 14.437 cubic inches)does not applydoes not applydoes not apply57.98 cu in (4.01 cups till Full) Debris will continue to collect and fill the downspout body – this may also impede water flow through the unit into the drain system without mandatory maintenance. An Over Filled Basket may make the door difficult to open if debris is stacked or wedged above the basket.
Minimum Size of Debris it will Capture/Divert
Standard 1/8" a BB will be diverted
Extreme 1/16"
Ultra .0215" the diameter of a Pin!
1/8" a BB will be diverted1/8" a BB will be diverted5/16" (just over 1/4")
Critter Friendly*** Squirrels – Chipmunks – Birds etc.Yes***Yes***Yes***No
Cost$315.00 to $354.00 Depending on Rod Pack$275.00 to $315.00 Depending on if we paint and paint color availability. Base Unit is Powder Coated $295.00$235.00 (Average Cost as obtained from Online Sellers)


* Product may vary slightly from picture depending on Material Chosen or Manufacturer for these Units.
** While AutoClear units greatly reduce the need for human intervention to protect your drain system – any and all debris will be deposited to the ground on the front of the unit. The debris will have to be cleaned up as they accumulate (for esthetics) but they will be safe and out and away from your drainage system.
***Critter Friendly is actually a two way street for both the Critter and the Individual doing Maintenance. By design AutoClears divert all leaves and debris out of the diverter box and away from your drain system. This will hold true for any critters that might end up in your downspout system as well. Critters in downspouts are a common problem in areas that have large trees and Roof and Gutter Systems in close proximity. Any other Clean Out product – with a door that has to manually be opened – will trap these animals in the Unit. This can be problematic for anyone performing maintenance and attempting to open the door of the clean out. A Deceased Critter is one thing but a Live and Upset one is another. Always use caution when opening the door of any Clean Out to be sure it is only Leaves and Debris that may be in the Unit.