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Custom Copper Guttering and Downspout Accessories

Custom Copper Swan Neck Downspout Fabrication

Our Copper Gooseneck / Swan Neck Downspouts are fabricated out of 20 oz. thick copper for superior strength. Corners are Double Hemmed for 4 layers of Copper to accomplish the smooth radiuses and give the Copper Gooseneck and Swan Neck Downspouts structural integrity.
All solder is buffed for a smooth appearance.
We custom make Laser Cut Forming Fixtures for each order to achieve repeatability of the design
so that – one or one hundred – they will all be exactly the same.

Two Identical Copper Swan Necks

Eight Mixed Sizes Swan Necks

(Please Note: the irregularity in flow of design is per customer request via customer supplied templates)

Single Large Swan Neck

Copper Goose Necks / Goose Necks

Corner French Style Goosenecks with Cleanouts Option