Coronavirus – Changes to CopperShoppe Operations

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Corona Virus Changes to CopperShoppe Operations

– A message from CopperShoppe –

It’s a very hard time and situation for the United States and the World.
The Corona Virus Pandemic has put us all a few steps back from normal every day activities and general life style.
We all must make adjustments while we cope with the situation which hopefully
will have a resolution in the shortest time period.

At CopperShoppe Our main focus is on our Customers
To help them receive products so that they can accomplish their jobs and stay in business.
Also in the equation is our Company well being as well.

While we pretty much stayed on track for Product Manufacturing in 2020 The trickle down effect has actually started to affect operations in 2021. In addition to General Cost Increases – Material Availability from some of our Suppliers is occasionally causing some job start delays. So lead times are becoming extended for some projects while shortened for others – as we may have inhouse material to pull from while waiting for other types of material to come in.

UPDATED 6/16/2021
Also and Very Important:
At this time for your Quoting Reference 
Please add 15% 
to all Product Prices as Posted in General.
For 2″ by 3/16″ Copper Bar Stock Products add 25%.

AutoClears – if shown in stock – no price change.

This will remain in effect until Further Notice.

– Additionally General Operations Changes –

While we stay open for daily operations it is becoming increasingly difficult for us to maintain our Standard Operating Policies regarding Small Orders and for Orders in General. So we are implementing some minor changes which we believe to be important for us to continue to best serve your needs and protect everyone’s interests.

#1 – Minimum Order is now $500.00. The Exception for this would be for AutoClears that are shown In Stock. At this time we cannot take on any Smaller Projects as we have most stations in our Shop tied up with either orders in process or in some cases an order in process but on hold for additional material arrival. In the past small orders were filler jobs that we could fit in as stations became available. Unfortunately that is no longer the case. All stations are pretty much tied up with orders and we will not break down a station any more to set up to run a small order – as change over takes time and then time to reset it again for the order actually in process. This is not cost or time effective for us at this moment. Sorry in advance. You may however email us at with your project requirements to get our considerations for running your order. You may get lucky and we may be running the exact same thing you need at the moment. Please Email and Do Not Call as we prefer email so that there is a paper trail. We get a lot of calls and no longer keep track or make notes for individual calls. All emails will be replied to within 24 hrs.
We are here 7 days a week 10am till 6pm Eastern Standard Time.

#2 – We will no longer offer Customer Pick Up at our physical shop location. You may however arrange for pickup at the “Loading Dock” area of the building where our shop is located. No one will be allowed in our Shop Area without Mask and Gloves (which you will have to provide yourself). We may also require temperature reading prior to entering our Shop Area. Any CopperShoppe person meeting you for pickup at the loading dock area will be wearing Mask and Gloves for our mutual protection. We want to remain safe and wish the same to all to as well.

Please note that these policy changes will remain in effect for an unknown period of time.
We appreciate your business and understanding during these trying times.

Thank You,
Team CopperShoppe