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Custom Deep Half Round Copper Guttering

Copper Shoppe Exclusive
Deep Half Round Copper Guttering
An Attractive Profile
with Added Benefits for Rounded Copper Guttering
1.5 Times the Depth of Standard Half Rounds
Engineered for higher rain water carrying capacity
and to keep the rain water in the gutter – and not flushing out!
Deep Half Round Square Bead Copper Gutter

Custom Deep Half Round Copper Guttering

Standard Half Rounds CopperShoppe Deep Half Round
Gutter Size Gutter Thickness  Price/Lin Ft. Crating & Shipping
DHR5-16 16 oz. Inquire       Plus
Minimum $195.00 Crating
(10′ sections)
Actual Shipping Cost
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in Auburn Heights, MI
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DHR5-20  20 oz. Inquire
 DHR6-16  16 oz. Inquire
DHR6-20 20 oz. Inquire
 DHR7-16  16 oz. Inquire
DHR7-20 20 oz. Inquire

Available in
5 – 6 – 7 inch widths.
16 oz. and 20 oz. thickness.
10′ Sections
Our 5″ – 6″ and 7″ Deep Half Round Gutter is over 1-1/2″ deeper
than any other Gutter offered in the same venue.
Additional benefits of our Deep Half Round Guttering design are the Squared Corners of the top Bead which provides more strength than standard fully Rounded Bead guttering.
Additionally if gutter screening is desired it is more easily installed.