VARNI Copper Downspout Brackets

//VARNI Copper Downspout Brackets

VARNI Copper Downspout Brackets


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Please Note: For orders of less than 20 Units 25% will be added to Item Cost for Small Order Setups Charge

Stand Off Brackets – Fabricated to a Specific Stand Off Dimension up to 8″

3 Pieces at Specific Stand-Off

Mill Finish Aluminum or Galvanized Steel or Steel Pricing Information

Add $2.00 per Inch for Off Set greater than 3″ for 1-1/4″ & 1-1/2″ Bracket Width
Add $4.00 per Inch for Off Set greater than 3″ for 2″ Bracket Width

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VARNI Copper Downspout Brackets
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1-1/2″ Width Shown
@ 3/4″ Stand Off
sized to fit 4″ Round
Copper Downspout

Min. Stand Off Dimension 3/4″

Our Stand Off Brackets encircle the Downspout completely
to provide the most secure mounting and holding strength possible.
One of the benefits of a standoff type bracket is that minor bump outs in mortar, brick, stone, etc. will not hamper downspout installation.
Stand Off brackets facilitate the running of downspouts down walls
that may change profiles
– such as a cedar sided wall going down to a stone ledge that transitions to a field stone lower wall – to eliminate all those elbows and angled transitions
to achieve a clean looking installation.

Downspout Size” Bracket Width” Bracket Thickness” Minimum Stand Off “ Price Each
Custom Custom Custom Custom Inquire

Additional information

Downspout Size"

3 Round, 4 Round

Bracket Width"

1-1/2, 1-1/4, 2

Bracket Thickness"

1/8, 3/16, 3/16

Minimum Stand Off "