About AutoClear I Series Downspout Cleanouts Leaf and Debris Diverters

//About AutoClear I Series Downspout Cleanouts Leaf and Debris Diverters
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AutoClear I Series

Before talking about AutoClear I Series it is best to show some history about AutoClears.

For Over 30 Years we have made AutoClears. Over the last 5 or so years we have made the most new Innovations. Most major being the introduction of the Brasstonain Series. The Brasstonian Series was developed because of Customer’s Requests to filter out smaller debris than the Classic Series. While the original CLASSIC series was the founding product for AutoClears – the Brasstonain Series quickly became our top seller. The Brasstonian Series Standard Rod Pack will filter out Debris the size of a BB.  The series was pushed further to the Extreme (1/16″ between Rods) and shortly there after to the Ultra (21.5 thousands of an inch between rods – the diameter of a pin).

Next was to address the forever questions that we have been asked – Can we make them in Aluminum? Can we make them in Steel? Our answers were no. Well we got tired of saying no and decided to do something about that… the idea was the AutoClear I Series. And to kick that off the PCSS.

The PCSS Series was our first venture with a Manufacturer whom we have Authorized to Manufacture one of our Products Exclusively for us and most importantly – meeting our Highly Demanding Specification Requirements. We searched a long time to find someone that could make these Units. Finally we found a company (located Over Seas) with the skills and ambition to take on the challenge.

AutoClears I PCSS is an AutoClear that is Modeled after our Brasstonian Series AutoClears with a Standard Rod Pack. They are made from Stainless Steel and Powder Coated to colors we choose. With the addition of the PCSS Series our age old problem for expanding our base and being able to make something for the large market for Aluminum, Steel, Galvalume etc. Guttering Systems was solved. AutoClears I PCSS can be used with any Guttering Installation regardless of its Material. While the Color Selection is currently limited any PCSS Unit can be repainted to suit your color needs.

The response to PCSS has been better than we anticipated. So we now have now Authorized them to begin production of a Copper version. It is the I COPPER Series.

If you kind of get lost with all the types etc. – we fully understand! We offer a lot of types and options. A lot of info to absorb when you just want to keep leaves and debris out of your Downspout Drain System. The best we can equate this to is – if we made a Truck. People buy trucks. But some people want a different truck. Some want a 1/2 ton – some want a 1 ton and some want a 1-1/2 ton. And on and on. If you manufacture Trucks -and are Serious about your Customers Needs – you will have to offer products that your customers want. So you have to widen your product base to accommodate. Well the same thing happens for AutoClears. If we just sold a few we wouldn’t be all about the options and types. But we sell Hundreds upon Hundreds.  Our Customers Needs are the reasons why we have continuously developed this product line. Its all about them. We are just trying to fill their needs. So after 30 years this is where we got to. Four product lines for AutoClears. Classic – Brasstonian – I PCSS and I COPPER. Recently we Retired the Classic Series – but for past customers who have purchased them for ongoing projects – we will still make them for them. If you are on the fence as to deciding which one is right for your project- just shoot us an email or give us a call and we would be happy to help.

While we Enjoy being one of the Largest Selling Domestic Manufacturers of these types of Units
– We look forward to becoming the #1 Company in the World for supplying these types of Units –
With the help of our Over Seas Partner we believe we will be there in Record Time!

Please Note: Because these I- Series Units are Manufactured in High Quantity runs.
No changes (Custom Configurations) are available at this time.
Any Custom Configurations are Restricted to our Brasstonain Series.