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Copper Shoppe Stands behind its products 100%
We offer a 100% Guarantee
If you are not satisfied with any of our products – return the products to us along with a statement regarding your concerns.
We will either tune the products to your expectations or replace them with new.
(restrictions apply)
If a CopperShoppe product fails for any reason – simply return the product for replacement.

About our Guarantee


Copper Shoppe does all it can to make sure the items custom manufactured for your project are proper for form and function plus will be securely packaged for safe delivery to you. Since we are experienced craftsmen we will ask all the right questions to gain the knowledge of the requirements which are pertinent to the design of your items prior to their fabrication. We will supply you with CAD renderings and or detailed sketches for specialized projects so that you can see what your items will look like and how they will be associated with other surrounding building components of your project. Through this effort the items you receive will be perfect for your project.

Guarantee Exceptions / Non-Returnable Items

We will not accept (decline) returns of the following reasons:
Reason Example
Extras Although we encourage you to purchase enough items to complete your project we will not accept returns on extras (you need 202 and purchase 210 and wish to return the extra 8). All products are custom made to your ordered specifications. For this reason returns cannot be accepted.
Ordered Wrong Size or Product We will not accept returns on miss ordered sizes or products. All products are custom made to your ordered specifications. For this reason returns cannot be accepted.

While will make every effort to manufacture your items to the utmost manufacturing quality standards we will not be responsible for any finger prints and light oxidation which is inherent with the production on any manufactured copper product. All items manufactured by are natural finish materials. As such during the handling that is required to manufacture the product – direct hand contact is required. Some of the machining processes required to manufacture certain products
prohibit the wearing of gloves
– which would of course minimize finger prints –
but would endanger the safety of craftsmen manufacturing your items.
Thank you for your understanding.
Products manufactured for certain items are modeled to fit sample profiles from manufacturers on hand as of order date. While all attempts are made to keep profiles current – manufacturers may deem to change a profile without notice. We will not be responsible for un-announced manufacturer profile changes. Any Custom Manufactured Item can not be returned unless manufactured out of tolerance range from which what was provided to you by our general tolerance guidelines or what may have been submitted to you in the form of cad data and/or renderings. In the rare instances in which CopperShoppe requests that a physical sample be provided to us for direct reference to make associated components – the physical sample will be provided to CopperShoppe at no expense and any shipping charges to get the sample to our location will be the responsibility of the customer. Customer to notify CopperShoppe if provided physical sample is to be returned once order is processed or if they wish us to inventory the sample in our sample bin for future project references.
Any physical samples provided to CopperShoppe for retention will become the property of CopperShoppe and will be retained for a time period that it deems practical for retention. Any physical sample may be discarded after a period of 12 months.
Any Improvements to any products made and offered by COPPERSHOPPE are deemed Improvements
and do not infer that the previously offered product was defective.


Subject to the exclusions, limitations of liability and limitations of remedy, COPPERSHOPPE warrants that its product shall be free from defects in material and workmanship for the period of “LIFETIME” from the date of purchase.


Any COPPERSHOPPE product which has been damaged as a result of any modification that is contrary
to any COPPERSHOPPES’ written instructions is not covered by this warranty.
Any Improvements implemented by COPPERSHOPPE to any products made and offered by COPPERSHOPPE are deemed Product Improvements and as such do not infer that the previously offered product was defective in any way.


COPPERSHOPPE shall have no liability whatsoever for special, indirect, consequential, incidental or exemplary damages under any circumstances, whether based on tort or breach of contract claims or on any other basis, to the full extent these damages may be disclaimed by law, even if it has been advised of the possibility of such damages. The maximum liability of COPPERSHOPPE, if any, shall be limited in all events, and shall not exceed the purchase price of the product upon which the claim of liability is made.


If a claim is made under this warranty and, after investigation by COPPERSHOPPE proves to be valid, COPPERSHOPPE, will, at its sole option, either repair or replace the products that do not conform to this warranty.
COPPERSHOPPE shall not be obligated or liable for labor or other costs related to installation, repair, or replacement of any of its products or for loss of, or damage to, any material which is not sold by COPPERSHOPPE.


All claims and other communications under this warranty must be made to the purchaser/claimant’s COPPERSHOPPE dealer or retailer. Each claim must be in writing, briefly describe the defect, and be accompanied by a proof of purchase. The purchaser/claimant must provide to his or her COPPERSHOPPE dealer or retailer any other information and evidence reasonably required by COPPERSHOPPE, and, if requested, must permit inspection of the product by COPPERSHOPPE or its representatives. COPPERSHOPPE reserves the right to request purchaser/claimant submission of product claimed to be defective.