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and 25 % for Bar Stock Products until this notice is removed.

All Our Products are Custom Made to Suit Your Projects Needs

Choose from various Designs and Styles along with choices of Copper Bar Stock widths and thicknesses
to achieve your desired architectural appearance.
Plus we also offer Downspout – Downpipe Brackets that will hold your Downspout up to 8″ off the wall surface for special circumstances.
Any Downspout – Downpipe Bracket can be modified to suit your project needs

U Style

U Style Hidden Advantage
Engineered for strength and durability with ease of installation in mind.
Designed to seamlessly integrate themselves into the downspout’s appearance.
Just mount the bracket to the wall…slip in your downspout
and either rivet or zip screw fasten the downspout securely in place.
These Brackets will hold your downspout off the wall surface
by the thickness of the bracket ordered.
By Simply Tack Soldering your Downspout to the Bracket you will have one of the Most Theft Protective Brackets that we offer at our most economical price.

Stand Off Brackets

Stand Off Brackets – Fabricated to a
Specific Stand Off Dimension of up to 8″

Our Stand Off Brackets encircle the Downspout completely
to provide the most secure mounting and holding strength possible.
One of the benefits of a standoff type bracket is that minor bump outs in mortar, brick, stone, etc. will not hamper downspout installation.
Stand Off brackets facilitate the running of downspouts
down walls that may change profiles
– such as a cedar sided wall going down to a stone ledge that transitions to a field stone lower wall – to eliminate all those elbows and angled transitions to achieve a clean looking installation.

Adjustable Stand Off Brackets

Adjustable Stand Off Copper Downspout Brackets

– Features Cut to Length Components –
to achieve Desired Stand Off Dimensions

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