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Copper Leader Heads / Collector Boxes
Also known as Leader Boxes, Leader Heads, Collectors, Collector Heads, Conductor Heads, Conductor Boxes, Catch Basins, Bells, Scupper Heads, Scupper Boxes and Hopper Boxes
CAD Drawings represent proposed designs for your reference.

We deliver the Finest Quality Hand Crafted
Copper Leader Heads available today.
All seams are finely detail finished and fully soldered
for solid water tight construction.
Available in Widths and Depths up to 24″ plus other options available.
CAD Drawings represent proposed designs for your reference.

Uniformity of Shape

Finely Finished Edge Details

How do we do it so Great?
Well it’s not easy…We are the Best for a Reason…
Click here to see a Leader Box Project
from Initial Contact and CAD Design Process – all the way to Finish Product!

Leader Head / Collector Box
(shown with optional over flow tongue)


Add Top Plate
and Downspout Pass Through
ornamental leader box
which is very easy to install

20 oz. Copper
$35.00 – $55.00
Depending on
Leader Box Size

Leader Box has No Back & No Outlet
Includes Full Top and Bottom Plates
(you cut to fit over your downspouts)
Save $20.00 off Regular Price of Leader Box

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