ZAK2 Copper Downspout Brackets

//ZAK2 Copper Downspout Brackets

ZAK2 Copper Downspout Brackets


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Please Note: For orders of less than 20 Units 25% will be added to Item Cost for Small Order Setups Charge

2 Pieces at Specific Stand-Off
Stand Off Brackets – Fabricated to a Specific Stand Off Dimension up to 8″

Mill Finish Aluminum or Galvanized Steel or Steel Pricing Information

Design Credit
ZAK ZAK Architecture Copper Downspout Bracket
1-1/4″ Width Shown
sized to fit 3″ Round
Copper Downspout
Min. Stand Off Dimension 3/4″

Add $2.00 per Inch for Off Set greater than 3″
for 1-1/4″ & 1-1/2″ Bracket Width
Add $4.00 per Inch for Off Set greater than 3″ for 2″ Bracket Width

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ZAK2 Copper Downspout Brackets
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for Round Downspouts
2 Pieces at Specific Stand-Off

Downspout Size” Bracket Width” Bracket Thickness” Stand Off” Price Each
Custom Custom Custom Custom Inquire

Additional information

Downspout Size"

3", 4"

Bracket Width"

1-1/2, 1-1/4, 2

Bracket Thickness"

1/8, 3/16, 3/16

Minimum Stand Off "