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Hello, While I may own the place... I will still sweep the floors and take out the trash... I know that every single thing to make a great product starts with knowing that EVERY THING needs to be done from start to finish with no stones left unturned.

Custom AutoClear Downspout Clean Outs Leaf and Debris Diverters Filters

AutoClear Downspout Clean Outs Leaf and Debris Diverters Filters. These were Custom Made units that have the Outlets Flush to Back for what is called an Inline Style.

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HRU Copper Gutter Brackets

HRU Copper Gutter Brackets. This is the first 100 of 200 for the job. Customer requested an additional 7/8″ to be added to the part that grabs the rafter to get the gutter to ideal drip line position. You will notice in some pictures that there is a back tab that is partially bent. We recommend placing a piece of the gutter into the bracket and starting that fold. Sometimes (depending on elevation) that tab can be a tad bit difficult to fold as it may be almost touching the underside of the roof deck. Ya can’t get your fingers […]

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HRCDT Custom Copper Gutter Brackets

HRCDT Custom Copper Gutter Brackets. These were custom made to fit a Rafter Angle that could not be determined. We sent a sample to the customer with his best guess. He sent it back after he “tweaked”. You can see the tweaked bracket in some of the pictures…
We have made over 1000 Gutter Brackets for this project. Same with Downspout Brackets. Have a couple more years to go on it.

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30 Units Custom Mill Finish Steel AutoClears

Custom Mill Finish Steel AutoClears. These are going to be powder coated by the customer. We are doing (taking to final finish) 8 at a time. The order is for 30 but having 8 at a time on the main bench is optimal so we are not cluttering up the bench and work space too tight. So will be 3 rounds of 8 and then the last 6.

Round 1

Round 2

Round 3
This makes it 24 Boxed up…6 more to go….

Final 4th. Round Completed.
You will notice some pictures of the packaging assembly. Important we show […]

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