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Side Rider – HRC – HR Copper Gutter Brackets

Side Rider, HRC, and HR Copper Gutter Brackets to fit 6″ Half Round Copper Gutters.
Few types here all for the same job. Also the Left and Right Side Riders and the HRC brackets were made for custom half degree type pitches. Also note that we supplied a few extra sets of hardware – just in case….

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Radmont Ornamental Downspout Bands Straps

Radmont Ornamental Downspout Bands Straps. There are two sizes. 4″ by 3″ and 3″ by 2″. The 4″ by 3″ ones have added depth. 1/4″ and 3/4″. They are going to be put over existing bands. We also supplied #44 Pop Rivets. Ours have Brass Mandrels so better than most others.

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Milner Copper Leader Boxes with Numerals – Letter – Diamond Appliques

Milner Copper Leader Boxes with Numerals – Letter – Diamond Appliques
The Numbers and Letter are 3″ tall and 1/4″ thick Solid Copper.

Sorry about the bad pictures. Every Bench in the shop has a job in process and had to shoot these actually on our loading cart…

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AutoClear Brasstonian Ultra

AutoClear Brasstonian Ultra Downspout Cleanouts Leaf and Debris Diverters Filters.

These were actually Copper before being Bonderized Primed and then painted white.

Ultra Rod Pack Removal Tool

For the Ultra Rod Packs we supply a simple tool to aid in easily removing the Rod Packs if necessary

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