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Leader Heads / Collector Boxes

Also known as Leader Boxes, Collectors, Collector Heads, Conductor Heads, Conductor Boxes,
Catch Basins, Bells, Scupper Heads, and Scupper Boxes


Downspout Pass-Through

Add Top Plate and Pass Through
(ornamental leader box which is very easy to install)

This option is for a non-functional (ornamental) Leader / Collector Box
which is the easiest way to install.
It still has a back plate to eliminate the possibility of having a haven for insects (usually bees).
The Downspout Pass-Through is designed to be slightly oversize to your Downspout. The Pass-Through will enable you to simply slip your downspout through the Leader /Collector Box. You can even wait until the downspout is installed on the wall before you fasten with a rivet or a screw. This way you can then slide them up or down along the downspout until you achieved the optional position for the best look.

Add $65.00 for Round and $75.00 for Rectangular

20 oz. Copper

20 oz. copper is 25 percent thicker than standard 16 oz.
thus offering more strength and added durability.
If the Functional Leader Boxes your are ordering are to be installed in a climate
that has freezing temperatures you should consider this option as mandatory.

$55.00 for most Styles