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AutoClears On Guard 24/7 Protecting Downspout Drain Systems. The Ultimate Leaf and Debris Diverter Cleanout Filter

Tired of Clearing Clogged Underground Drains from your Guttering System???

Purchased other types of Cleanouts and Cleaning out Traps, Filters or Screens every time it rains wearing you or your wallet out?

The Solution is AutoClears Leaf and Debris Diverters

The Only – Virtually Maintenance Free – Diverter / Cleanout / Filter Protection for your Drain System and Downspouts Available World Wide!

AutoClears The Worlds Best Downspout UN-CLEANOUT.
It does it for you – so you don’t have to!

It’s no secret that AutoClears are at the Top of the List for Quality Downspout Leaf and Debris Diverters / Cleanouts. Quality Construction and Unique Engineering Features have put AutoClears ahead of all others in this Industry.

Less obvious but Equally Prominent is the Fact that they are also the Easiest in the World to Maintain. Virtually Little or no Maintenance is Required. So that is where they will save you time and or money down the road – year after year. Plus all along the way with no worries about your Downspout Drain System or Possible Damage to your Downspouts!

Over the 30 Years Plus that they have been in Production Discerning Home Owners, Contractors, Commercial Property Management Companies and Institutions have chosen AutoClears over any other type of Copper Downspout Cleanout / Diverter for their project / protection needs.

The Simple story is as leaves, debris or other objects enter the Unit – they are simply expelled out the Front via the Rod Pack.
No Screens. No Baskets. No Doors to have to open to take a peek inside to see if it is full (and watch out for critters inside the Unit).
Just install it and pretty much forget it and let it do its job – working for you 24/7 without you having to worry!

– Additionally –
AutoClears have options available to filter Debris a small as the Diameter of a Pin!
Important if your needs require very fine filtration such as Douglas Fir Needles for example.
No Other Types of Cleanouts / Diverters have that ability for fine debris filtering.

Animation Showing How They Work

Default Inlet Position

Default Outlet Position


AutoClear diverter boxes are fabricated out of heavy duty 48 oz. Solid Copper Sheet Stock.
That is as about as thick as an American Nickel (5 cent coin)!
They will stand up to many years of hard environmental use even in the most demanding of situations.
Inlets and outlets are fabricated out of strong 20 oz. Copper.

All three types of Rod Packs shown side by side. In the Picture (left to right)
there are two Extreme then one Standard and then the Ultra
Units shown are for 3″ Round but these can be made to fit any size or configuration Round or Rectangular Downspout

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AutoClear I PCSS Stainless Steel Downspout Cleanouts Leaf and Debris Diverters White and Dark Brown Primer

Modeled after our Brasstonian Series AutoClears with Standard Rod Packs.
AutoClear PCSS is in Powder Coated Stainless Steel.
Note: Currently Available For 4″ Round Downspouts Only. No Custom Modifications are available for AutoClear I Series Units.
(4″ by 3″ Rectangulars are under development and should be available mid 2019)

They are available in White or Dark Brown. You can paint to match your actual downspout color if you wish – or we can paint at additional cost.
(We do still have a few Almond and Silver Tone units on hand – but have dropped those colors for 2019 production)

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(we try and keep these units In Stock. If shown in stock units will normally ship in 2 Business Days)