AutoClears Inventory Build Up

We are building up Inventory.

Finally got to 30 in Process! We will have 10 for 4″ Round Downspouts near completion by Wednesday or so – to get some in the Shop Store as Stock Inventory. Still have to get some Rod Packs made – but should be on that this week and get at least 10 Standards done to match the count of AutoClears ready to go out the door. The other 20 will just be “Shells” waiting on Downspout Inlet / Outlet Configurations. Those will be shelved till sold or to replace the 4″ Rounds as they leave the […]

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AutoClear Inventory at Shop Store

Well back down to zero inventory at our Shop Store for AutoClear Brasstonian Series!

We have 7 in process for 4″ Round Downspouts with Standard Rod Packs. So trying to slip those in our work load – and could be in Shop Store Inventory by the weekend and get that type out of “Back Order” status and show some in stock.

We have the next round in process also for 30 more AutoClears – but we will only take those to the “Box” stage – no inlets or outlets so we can get a jump on other Downspout Sizes – Configurations other […]

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With the growing popularity of our AutoClears we took today off Scheduled Production to make 20 AutoClear Box bodies. Just trying to get a head start on pending orders as we will have about 60 to make…
All will be the ULTRA style. Seems like the ULTRA with its very fine filtering capabilities is the most popular selling of our AutoClear lineup. The ULTRA will filter out debris as small as Douglas Fir Pine Needles. This seems to be a monumental problem for a lot of homes and institutions.  We just introduced the Brasstonian Series AutoClears about 3 months ago. During prototype we […]

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