With the growing popularity of our AutoClears we took today off Scheduled Production to make 20 AutoClear Box bodies. Just trying to get a head start on pending orders as we will have about 60 to make…
All will be the ULTRA style. Seems like the ULTRA with its very fine filtering capabilities is the most popular selling of our AutoClear lineup. The ULTRA will filter out debris as small as Douglas Fir Pine Needles. This seems to be a monumental problem for a lot of homes and institutions.  We just introduced the Brasstonian Series AutoClears about 3 months ago. During prototype we did a Standard and Extreme. When we moved to the Ultra we had to redesign the rod pack. But all good. We now have the ULTIMATE weapon against debris to protect your drain system in the Entire World! We thank the individuals that asked us to “Step up to the Plate” and make a product that they direly needed! Without their help and feed back for prototype we would not have the Brasstonian Ultra. Many Thanks Again – to those Customers who helped us with actual field testing and most importantly with their feedback!

Back to the Chimney Cap Project tomorrow….

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