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Custom Chimney Cap

Custom Chimney Cap in Process.
This project will be updated and newest information will be posted below previous updates….
In the Drawing Stage right now.

Well the last thing we need to get the project done is the first thing we have….the Finial / Spire.
We purchased this from New England Copper Works. A great looking well made item! Pricing was great…shipping was very fast…would prefer to keep them a secret but they deserve recognition!

While  this project is already on the books…we have a small snag as we are waiting on “Drops” from another project on the books that has a delay. The project is the Deep Half Round Gutter project. The gutters will be made out of 20 oz. Copper and the sheets that the Gutters will be made from are 48″ by 120″. Since the girth of the Gutter is about 19″ we will have Drops about 10″ wide by 120″. These will be used for the Base and Base Start for the top Roof Sections of the Chimney Cap.
This smaller Cap is one of three for the Chimney Cap project. So until we have the drops…we have to wait…

While waiting for the Drops from the Deep Half Round Gutter project we decided to try and get a jump ahead on AutoClear orders. Have about 60 of them pending and trying to make the best of our time. Some projects require a lot of Robert Anthony’s time. This Chimney Cap project one of them. At times he has to set other projects in motion to keep others busy while he then re-devotes his time to his main projects.


Finally got the Drops from the Deep Half Round Gutter project. Did the Base today. Every corner is finger jointed for great locking. Tomorrow it will be the introduction of the Copper Bar Stock Reinforcements. 2″ by 3/16″ and 9/16″ by 3/16″ pieces soldered into an L shape to really give it strength. No one will ever know they are there but just one of the things we do to build the strongest Chimney Caps available!

Picture below is with some of the fabrication dimensions. This will get further marked up as the project moves along. Lots of dimensions that would not make sense to anyone (unless you want to actually build this chimney cap) then you would need them…


Been some time…got bombarded with rush orders…finally back on the Chimney Cap. Have to stay on this one now. Squared up the Base and Soldered in all the Copper Bar Stock reinforcements.
We assemble items like this on a 45″ by 43″ by 1″ thick Aluminum Plate. Perfectly flat surface and easy to square up from as we move vertically in construction of the Cap.  Just the Base weighs 24.6 Pounds! This is the Foundation to the Cap and no short cuts. Has to be strong and strong means a lot of copper….

Moving on to the Corner Support Risers….48 oz. copper…as always for strength. The Risers will have offsets at the bottom so that they will fasten in the interior of the bottom lip of the base. Secure locking. This is important for “Wracking” of the Roof Structure during High Wind conditions.


Assembly of the Base of the Roof Portion…

Now that the Base of the Roof Portion has been mock assembled (just to make things fit – final trimming etc. will be done just prior to its final assembly and attaching to the risers – so things are a little long right now) we can get a jump on making the lattice….that will take some time in itself as it will take 60 pieces of lattice to accomplish the lattice work! We will make a fixture for assembly so that all pieces line up and look perfect…

Will be working on this project tomorrow… yup Super Bowl Sunday… got to push and since we will not just hurry…have to put the extra time in to catch up as that is the only way….


Soldered up all the connections for the Base, Risers and Base Start for the Roof Section. Yes a lot of solder showing right now – need to make sure that we have plenty to make connections solid. The excess solder on the faces will be removed later. Got a jump on the Roof…


Lot of things worked out…Proved out Roof templates for determining the hip joints of the roof…and got a jump on the Lattice work…fixture worked perfectly…


Dome Roof rough assembled…
The Roof has been assembled to make sure we have a proper fit. Dome Roofs are a little tougher than standard flat planes roofs. Everything has to be on the money to get it right. First round of excess solder clean up is done. We will do more work later but want to get the bulk of the clean up done as the Cap will get more and more cumbersome to move around and flip over etc. as final assembly progresses.


Getting there…lots of solder clean up done…vent fabricated…and all lattice fabricated.

While this particular Chimney Cap does not need a top vent (this cap covers a powered exhaust flue) we are still putting the vent as there are two other chimney caps for the project that will require the vent (fireplaces). So to keep with uniform appearance this one will get one as well. All about looks and overall project appearance as all three caps will be able to be seen at certain vantage points.


Nearing completion. Just have some minor things we want to work on to get things looking great. Should be all cleaned up tomorrow and ready for crating…


Finally Done! Final Cleanup. Just have to make a couple of Cap Plates that we are supplying to the Customer to cover some exposed Wood on the Cap surface. Will get one more go over on refinishing just prior to bolting to the pallet before we build the crate around it to protect it during shipping.

The Brass Screws with locking nuts are not installed as they would interfere with packaging the Chimney Cap.


The cap shipped yesterday…..

Copper Chimney Cap with Domed Roof – Lattice – and Spire / Finial
Completed and Installed…

This Chimney Cap is made out of 20 oz. Copper for most of the construction. 48 oz. Copper was used for the Corner Posts and Lattice work. The Spire / Finial is 20 oz. Copper.

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