Larchmont Ornamental Copper Downspout Bands

/Larchmont Ornamental Copper Downspout Bands

Larchmont Ornamental Copper Downspout Bands

Larchmont Ornamental Copper Downspout Bands
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Larchmont Ornamental Copper Downspout Bands. Just got this in and a RUSH job…

More to come over the next few days. We will be working Saturday and Sunday to push this project…36 Bands for 4″ Round Downspouts…hopefully get a jump on it tomorrow afternoon.

Have to laugh….emailed my customer that we got an earlier jump on the project than anticipated and things were moving very smoothly and quickly. Less than 45 minutes later pneumatic pump on our Press took a dive. Luckily I have two spares on hand. Did a change out – just the way things go sometimes…. might post some pictures up tomorrow…

Worked hard on the project. All the Ear Portions made it through the press and now in trimming. Then sanding and the tab gets bent and then a final sanding and first clean up. Band portions have been all sheared, cut to approximate length and are in radius forming process. Working tomorrow -Saturday- and will be working Sunday as well in an effort to be sure we can get this order out on Monday for shipping. Customer is in need ASAP and we are doing all we can to help get the product in his hands.
No time for pictures…just get work done…Should post a few tomorrow….

Got a lot done. Everything is final formed and now in assembly.

Should be an easy wrap on the project tomorrow…Yup Sunday…7 days a week…
The first picture shows that we will be removing 1/16″ off the length of the Band portion. You will have to look real close to see the Scribe Line @ .0625″. We have to make things just a little bit bigger than needed so we have the option to get things on the money for assembly. The second picture shows that we are shooting for just over 3/32″ more depth than the downspout. This is to account for the thickness of the Primary Mounting Strap (Z fold and two additional thicknesses of .0215 thick copper for a total of about a hundred thousands of an inch of extra clearance ). This will move the surface of the downspout outwards and we want to make sure the Ears of the Ornamental Band fit flush to the wall. Got to have things as close to perfect as possible. Goes back to taking 1/16″ off the Band Portion…we could take off any distance so why not make it perfect!



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