Round Copper Chimney Flue Cap

/Round Copper Chimney Flue Cap

Round Copper Chimney Flue Cap

Round Copper Chimney Flue Cap

In the Shop Drawing stage right now…

We do a Detailed Shop Drawing so that everyone involved will be on the same page. Easier to catch something that might need fixing now than later when we move to fabrication!

Started work on the Base. We are right on the number (15″) for the interior diameter of the Base. All holes have been drilled for the uprights and fastening bolts. Notice that the holes have been chamfered. You will not see this chamfer work on the finished unit but good work habits are hard to break and actually the chamfer will help us for assembly etc. as we do mock up and such to set the final height. We are looking for just under 6″ of exposed screening area.

Next is to fabricate the Dome Cap…

Dome Cap is done. We also did the uprights that would hold the Dome Cap above the Base Ring. Actually the screening is installed already and the unit is final assembled. Will post up a few pictures of it tomorrow. Notice that for the installation of the Uprights (picture 2) the Base Ring was moved off the Main Fabrication Bench and put on the Welding / Fixture Table. That Table is 1″ thick Aluminum that is perfectly flat. This way we get true reading when we square up from the surface to align the uprights. The Wooden Fabrication Bench is good for 95 percent of what we do but as circumstances require we move to the Welding / Fixture Table to make sure things are perfect.

Cap is done…now to Clean it up!

These are very large images if you wish to open them up fully.!
Notice that we gave Amos an extra set of screws (little shorter but might work – the 1″ length was a little shy of what we were comfortable with so we gave him those plus the 1-1/4″ long ones that were installed in the cap) and a couple extra nuts just incase…been there did that! The 1″ long ones probably will work but better safe than sorry. Changing them out (so the mounting screws are shorter and not as prominent) is an easy thing to do.

Also we will be sending a couple of small wood stops. These stops when inserted into the Chimney Cap Screening will hold the Cap Level and in proper position while the mounting screws are tightened. Trying to hold a cap at a certain level and tighten screws and keep level can be a pain…especially if you are doing it one man.
Like having an extra set of steady hands to help you out. When done just pull them and you have a  perfect installation. Right Height and Level!

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