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Yarmont Custom Leader Heads Boxes Freedom Gray

Yarmont Custom Leader Heads Boxes Freedom Gray
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Yarmont Custom Leader Heads Boxes Freedom Gray.
This will be a little tricky. We cleaned the shop up real good to prepare for running this job. Don’t want any contaminants on the benches or any metal shavings as Freedom Gray is a non forgiving material. Job at this point has been blanked, marked for bend and radius points and in first round of bends on our main brake. It will require 3 of our brakes to accomplish the job. Our main brake, our project brake and our own custom designed and self built radius brake. Also this will be a new 5 Sided Profile for the Yarmont. Normally the Yarmont has 3 Sides or sections – Left -Front – and Right. This will have a Left – a Facet – Front – a Facet – and then the Right for a total of 5 Sections to complete the profile. We have a width restriction of 12 inches to make these work and did some preliminary CAD work to make sure we were on the right track. We did a CAD Rendering of the Leader Box also just to make sure we had things how the customer wanted. This process to get to the actual job award took a few months as meetings had to be attended by the customer, builder, contractor and the architect. The customer actually bought a Leader Box in Copper so he could see the craftsmanship of construction. Lots of hurdles to cross but seems like everyone wants to make sure they are getting the best quality product available for the project.

More to come as we progress through this project…

Day 2

Moving along well. Got a few “extras” in the mix. Little communication problem. Told my son that we need enough blanks for 8 Leader Boxes (3 blanks per box) so make enough for 9. Well we have enough for 10…. Just going to fab up 27 blanks though and let the other 3 sit. We can use the material for the Bottom Plates so not a total waste. Each blank requires 10 bends and 3 radius forms so 13 operations per blank. With 27 blanks that is a total of 351 bends and radiuses that all have to match exactly.

Day 3

Fabrication of the Blanks to Panels is completed. Mitering is being proven out for cut dimensions.

Day 4

Mitering has been completed…

If you look at the third picture closely you will see that each blank has an Alpha Numeric code number. As the blanks are cut all Numbered pieces are in groups then sorted by Letter for coordinated assembly. This way we can keep pieces cut from the same Blank associated with each other for better assembly.

Day 5

Got the second and third one all 5 sides assembled. Worked out a few bugs that we experienced on the first. We have done numerous Yarmont Leader Heads in the past but this is our first 5 sided job for that profile. So every new profile has its own set of problem areas that you have to address. Plus this is Freedom Gray which is its own set of problems in itself.

Think day 7… kind of lost track as we have been busy with working on Live Feed and knocking out some small projects…

We are close to finishing! Everything is assembled and now just a final grinding – very tricky as hang out too long and you will expose copper and that is not the look we want. Freedom Gray is difficult to work with. You cannot buff corners to blend opposing sides. If you do try you will exposed raw copper. Everything has to be as close to perfect as possible. All through fabrication of the raw blanks (all done by hand) to mitering and then assembly. Lots of things to coordinate to thousandths of an inch! Just to give you an idea…if you are 14 thousandths of an inch off in one way and then the opposite in another piece that is a total miss match of material and a hole you can look through when they butt together. 1/32″ is over 31 thousandths of an inch. 1/64″ is 15 thousandths of an inch. We are working at less than 1/128″ (7 thousandths of an inch) all by hand and eye! For Every Bend, Radius and over all dimension!

Finally Done!

Shipping Tomorrow…

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