AutoClear Ultra

AutoClear Ultra Copper Downspout Cleanout Leaf and Debris Diverter Filter.
Notice that the position of the “Water Shaver” on the back side of the Rod Pack is moveable to be positioned for optimal performance.
The ideal location is just below where most of the water enters the box and lands on the Rod Pack. This varies as water flowing into the downspout will be different with a straight connection to the Gutter or if Elbows are used in the downspout.

Also for ULTRA Rod Packs we supply a Rod Pack removal tool to make it easy to remove the Rod Pack from the […]

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AutoClear I-Series Copper Downspout Cleanouts

AutoClear I-Series Copper Downspout Cleanouts. These are for 4″ Round Copper Downspouts. They have the new for 2020 Removable Diverter Plates. Easy install for existing Gutter Systems.

These are going to a local contractor – Eavestec – If you want a great installation and are in SE Michigan area they are your best choice for a Quality Installation.
Their Web Site:

They are also our “Certified Installer” for Michigan as they are familiar with all our products know all the criteria to provide advice on installation and for best functionality of all our products.

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AutoClears 2020

AutoClears 2020. The Best keep getting Better!
Now we have removable Diverter Plates. This feature aids in Retrofit Work for an easy install as the downspout can fit past the Inlet all the way into the AutoClear Box. Simply cut out a section of downspout and slip the unit up and then down into the drain. Diverter plate is easily removed for this type of installation and then simply install the diverter back in place.

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AutoClear I-ZINC first units through prototype

AutoClear I-ZINC first units through prototype! This has been a tricky journey. Will be tweaking a bit for production run. Minor stuff to deal with but we always strive to deliver the Very Best Product! We have a customer that may want about 100 a year of the 6″ so trying to work out all things before we move to actual production units.

For this Round we did 4″ Round – 3″ Round – 4″ by 4″ – and also 2 MAXIMUS units for 6″ Round Downspouts.

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AutoClear Brasstonian and Knoke Copper Downspout Brackets

AutoClear Brasstonian along with a couple Knoke Copper Downspout Brackets.
These are actually made to fit 3″ L type Copper Pipe.

AutoClear Brasstonian Copper Downspout Leaf and Debris Diverter Filter

AutoClear Brasstonian Copper Downspout Leaf and Debris Diverter Filter Clean Out

Click Here to Go to our AutoClears Page for more Information and Pricing

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