Our New Online Shop Store

//Our New Online Shop Store

Our New Online Shop Store

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Hello Everyone!

So as you may or may not know we have a New Shop Store.
For now – AutoClears™ are the dominate listings and we are moving to create inventory of AutoClear Brasstonian for 4″ Round downspouts with Standard Rod Packs so they will be available for shipment the day after you place your order. INVENTORY IF AVAIALBE WILL BE SHOWN AS YOU MAKE YOUR OPTION SELECTIONS. We are as of today at an Inventory of just 5 – but plan is to get it up to about 15 or so shortly…

So far in a week and a half of our Shop Store Launch – we have sold 6 AutoClears. Nothing to really get Jump Up and Down Excited about – but we think it is a great start just the same! We encourage Past Customers to use our Shop Store for your AutoClear purchases as it streamlines the ordering process and by purchasing through our store occasional Coupons may be available to help save you money on your purchase or there may be a Sale. Plus like Amazon and such – Once you make your first purchase – your information is saved so when you order again its just simple clicks of your mouse and we are rolling again! So when planning to purchase – Please check out our Shop Store.

Coupon Codes currently will only be given to Past Shop Store Customers or to our Past Customers trying our Shop Store for the First Time. So if you are new to CopperShoppe – the earlier you make your first purchase – the earlier you can start to receive Coupon Codes.  If you are a past Customer and unaware that we have a Shop Store – we have you covered – you will get a Coupon Code along with your quote and if you use our Shop Store – save on your Order! One Customer Saved $157.50 on his Purchase! He has ordered quite a few AutoClears from us in the past and we encouraged him to try our New Shop Store with a Coupon Code- he used the Coupon within Minutes of its Issue! His Coupon Code is good till the end of the Year so he will continue to Save on his Next Orders for the rest of this Year!

Looking forward to Seeing your Order in our Shop Store!
Team CopperShoppe

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