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Round Copper Chimney Flue Cap

Round Copper Chimney Flue Cap

In the Shop Drawing stage right now…

We do a Detailed Shop Drawing so that everyone involved will be on the same page. Easier to catch something that might need fixing now than later when we move to fabrication!

Started work on the Base. We are right on the number (15″) for the interior diameter of the Base. All holes have been drilled for the uprights and fastening bolts. Notice that the holes have been chamfered. You will not see this chamfer work on the finished unit but good work habits are hard to break and actually […]

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Custom Chimney Cap

Custom Chimney Cap in Process.
This project will be updated and newest information will be posted below previous updates….
In the Drawing Stage right now.

Well the last thing we need to get the project done is the first thing we have….the Finial / Spire.
We purchased this from New England Copper Works. A great looking well made item! Pricing was great…shipping was very fast…would prefer to keep them a secret but they deserve recognition!

While  this project is already on the books…we have a small snag as we are waiting on “Drops” from another project on the books that has a delay. The […]

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