Projects in Process

/Projects in Process

Copper Planter Boxes

Copper Planter boxes for TJ
Doing the large one first…

This one is 86″ wide  and 14″ tall.
The last picture shows a Square to help get a better feel for the angle of the sides. Camera Parallax kind of messes with what the angle really looks like…

Far away shot of the Planter Box and one with Zoom

Start of excess solder cleanup on the exterior…

Notice that the back appears to be on an angle…but it is really vertical so the planter box rests against the wall perfectly vertically….just the way a picture is shot at a particular angle and then […]

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Yarmont Custom Leader Heads Boxes Freedom Gray

Yarmont Custom Leader Heads Boxes Freedom Gray.
This will be a little tricky. We cleaned the shop up real good to prepare for running this job. Don’t want any contaminants on the benches or any metal shavings as Freedom Gray is a non forgiving material. Job at this point has been blanked, marked for bend and radius points and in first round of bends on our main brake. It will require 3 of our brakes to accomplish the job. Our main brake, our project brake and our own custom designed and self built radius brake. Also this will be a new […]

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Troubadour Leader Boxes / Collector Heads

Just started a project for 13 the other day…
Will post up some pictures of the Fabrication Process later today.


Got though the Fabrication Process of the Blanks. Still needs one more bend but sometimes we wait till later until we put that one in. 26 Blanks with 9 Bends and 2 Radius Bends each Blank. That is 286 bends that all have to align perfectly to make the Leader Boxes / Heads / Collectors look Great! Might seem hard but this is one of the Simplest Profiles that we manufacture. We have 3 projects in process for this customer at this […]

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Custom Chimney Cap

Custom Chimney Cap in Process.
This project will be updated and newest information will be posted below previous updates….
In the Drawing Stage right now.

Well the last thing we need to get the project done is the first thing we have….the Finial / Spire.
We purchased this from New England Copper Works. A great looking well made item! Pricing was great…shipping was very fast…would prefer to keep them a secret but they deserve recognition!

While  this project is already on the books…we have a small snag as we are waiting on “Drops” from another project on the books that has a delay. The […]

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