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Dorchester 2 Freedom Gray Copper Ornamental Downspout Bands Straps

Dorchester 2 Freedom Gray Copper Ornamental Downspout Bands Straps
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It’s Sunday and making a Second Band for the Builder this time now…..This project has been a couple months in the works…

We had some minor issues that we will be correcting on the second band. The radius for the Front and Sides (same die sets) were just a little bit off where we would like them to be. Made the corrections.
If you look really close in the end view of the parts you can see the tear drop shape as opposed to a true radius….Fixed! Should be ready to roll now….

Just have to get a final count. Was about […]

Next up will be a Custom Chimney Cap…

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Been just over run with the new Brasstonian Series AutoClears as you can see by our Blog. Have more to do but have a Chimney Cap Job. This is the first of three that we have to do for the project. New Style for us. Working on the Shop Drawings now and will post them up here as they develop. We did leader boxes and ornamental downspout bands earlier for the project.

Robert Anthony

Going to add an In Process Projects Blog…
Think that would make for something a bit more exciting for customers and general interest people to seeĀ fabrications inĀ process….

Added the new […]

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