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Round Copper Chimney Flue Caps

Round Copper Chimney Flue Caps. Three for this project. Two for 15.5″ diameter flues and one for 20″. You will see in the close up picture of the mounting screws that we put a point on them. Normally the caps are shipped with the mounting screws in place but these will be fitting over flues with nosing and they would get in the way at that point. So best to put them in once the cap is in place. You will see two wooden dowel rods. Those are to fit through the screening and then rest on the top of […]

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Copper Chimney Cap with Domed Roof – Lattice – and Spire / Finial

Copper Chimney Cap with Domed Roof – Lattice – and Spire / Finial

This Chimney Cap is made out of 20 oz. Copper for most of the construction. 48 oz. Copper was used for the Corner Posts and Lattice work. The Spire / Finial is 20 oz. Copper.

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Next up will be a Custom Chimney Cap…

Been just over run with the new Brasstonian Series AutoClears as you can see by our Blog. Have more to do but have a Chimney Cap Job. This is the first of three that we have to do for the project. New Style for us. Working on the Shop Drawings now and will post them up here as they develop. We did leader boxes and ornamental downspout bands earlier for the project.

Robert Anthony

Going to add an In Process Projects Blog…
Think that would make for something a bit more exciting for customers and general interest people to seeĀ fabrications inĀ process….

Added the new […]

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