30 Units Custom Mill Finish Steel AutoClears

//30 Units Custom Mill Finish Steel AutoClears

30 Units Custom Mill Finish Steel AutoClears

Custom Mill Finish Steel AutoClears. These are going to be powder coated by the customer. We are doing (taking to final finish) 8 at a time. The order is for 30 but having 8 at a time on the main bench is optimal so we are not cluttering up the bench and work space too tight. So will be 3 rounds of 8 and then the last 6.

Round 1

Round 2

Round 3
This makes it 24 Boxed up…6 more to go….

Final 4th. Round Completed.
You will notice some pictures of the packaging assembly. Important we show this as although things look the same there are Top Foam Pieces and Bottom Foam Pieces for both the Box and the Inlets and Outlets. If you look closely you can see the difference. This is important so that when customer sends to Powder Coating that when they repackage they get things correct for safe transport. Last and not least while it takes only 6 more units to get to the Customer Order of 30…we over run orders so that we have an extra or two to back up…things went good and we are going to send the customer the extra unit for no charge. More important at this point for him to have it than us as things happen and there are still a bit of work to do by customer before they actually get to site for install. So the extra one may prove valuable. Additionally the Screws (Hardware) to mount the diverter plates are also packaged with the extra unit. Best not to powder coat the hardware as assembly could prove difficult at that time. Additionally best not to assemble the units prior to powder coating as  these are steel units and the un coated areas (butt areas) will eventually rust down the road. So assembly best after powder coating. We just paint the screw heads to match the Units if we were doing them. While the nuts and lock washer and body of the screw will still be mill finish (the screws are Stainless Steel) you cannot see that part when assembled.

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